Engines on!

Today is an important day for us: The Hanso Group is an IT consulting and DevOps company dedicated to helping enterprises like yours discover the optimal pathway to the cloud in a sustainable, resilient way, is starting its business activities.

What does that mean for you?

  • We we are a powerful team with expertise in several areas and all at home in the Office 365 and Azure World. Therefore, we can advise and support you better and on a broader scale than ever before.
  • We are international. With several locations worldwide, we can serve you and your customers not only in Germany but also in North America and Asia.
  • We have a dedicated support team. With professional support tools, mutual representation and a strongly improved availability we can ensure the support and operation of our services in the long term.
  • Name and appearance. Whenever you see the name Hanso, the Hanso Group, or the logo above, it’s probably about us. Likewise, we all have new, consistent and easier-to-remember e-mail addresses of the form firstname.surname@hanso.group – for example, mine is julian.lindner@hanso.group. These email addresses are also our identities in the Microsoft World.
  • Local availability. The direct communication channels and our availability remain the same. We are on-site, and you can reach us personally by e-mail, WhatsApp or telephone.
  • Focus. Although we are growing, our focus remains on Microsoft topics, especially Office 365, SharePoint Online and Azure.
  • Style. The Hanso Group, is not a bunch of randomly mixed people, but personally known experts. Our goal is to keep providing you with optimal solutions in a very direct, open, honest and personal way.

If you have any questions, please contact me or one of our new colleagues directly.

Many thanks and best regards, Julian,
on behalf of the entire Hanso Group.

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