Development & Operations

Development & Operations

It’s not enough to help you define your collaboration and communications strategy — that’s only half of the process. We also help you implement, run and support your plan to ensure it works with consistency.

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We don’t believe in Recommendation without Implementation

So, we’ve figured out the best solution for your collaboration needs, but that’s only half the journey. To get you to the finish line, you need someone who can implement the new collaboration tools, help you run them and give you the support you need if you ever run into any issues. That’s why companies like yours turn to the expert team at Hanso Group.

We provide the support you need

We’ll work with you and your staff to make sure your chosen collaboration tools are properly installed across your entire system. We’ll also ensure they’re running properly without any hiccups so that they can be used immediately. What’s more, we offer support services should you ever run into any trouble with them.

Development & Operations Portfolio

  • Development of intranet applications

  • Operations of your cloud environment

  • Service and support, end user contact

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