Cloud Solutions & Migration

Cloud Solutions & Migration

There are a variety of reasonable benefits to reducing your local server footprint. But taking your data, processes and infrastructure to the cloud can be tricky when you don’t have the right team helping you throughout the process. The Hanso Group knows just what it takes to move your business from the ground level to a cloudbased data center, and we’ll walk you through each step to ensure success.

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Switching to the cloud isn't easy

Almost every company that hasn’t moved their data, infrastructure and applications to the cloud has made it a near-term goal. There are a number of reasons for that, and they’re not all about cutting costs — though the switch definitely can save businesses money when compared to onpremises solutions. It’s remarkably easy to manage your processes in the cloud, operations become simplified, and your data is safe in the event of a disaster.

We make the Move to the Cloud more manageable

And to migrate to the cloud, there are myriad strategies that can get you there. The Hanso Group will examine your needs, capabilities and priorities to help you choose the right cloud storage provider and to make sure the transition goes off without a hitch. Whether your company needs a lift and shift, a lift and refit, or a cloud native transfer, we know the best way to make it happen.

Cloud Solutions & Migration Portfolio

  • Migrating local servers to Azure PaaS

  • Migrating websites to Azure Static Web Apps

  • Identity management and security solutions with AAD

  • Transform classic applications to Azure App Services

  • Connect Azure Cognitive Services to Microsoft SharePoint

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